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    Learn the latest scientific advance in the world of sports concussion and discover why 96% of attendees praised last year’s conference for its cutting-edge course topics. Register today for the 2015 Sports Concussion Conference, set for July 24–26, 2015 in Denver, CO.

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  • Grasp the Fundamentals in Practice “Top 5”

    To help you begin mastering complex practice issues, the AAN has boiled significant topics down to the Top 5 things you need to understand, with links to more information.

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  • Introducing Neurology® Genetics

    Neurology’s newest, open access journal features original articles in all areas of neurogenetics including rare and common genetic variation, genotype-phenotype correlations, outlier phenotypes as a result of mutations in known disease-genes, and more.

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    The AAN is looking for its next generation of leaders. Are you one? Apply for the 2016 Emerging Leaders Forum by August 3, 2015.

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Capitol Hill Report: Neurology Interests Make Gains on Capitol Hill

Read the latest issue of CHR and learn how the AAN is fighting on behalf of neurologists and neurology

Learn How to Participate in and Benefit from the AAN's New Axon Registry

The registry will collect key data to improve health care. Learn what it means for your practice.

Genes May Not Be to Blame for Link Between Migraine and Heart Disease

Read the latest news and see how the AAN is raising public awareness of neurology and neurologists.

Neurology Journal

Depression and Subsequent Risk of Parkinson Disease: A Nationwide Cohort Study

Class II evidence that in patients with pediatric focal epilepsy, LVT and CBZ exhibit equivalent effects on neuropsychological function

Neurology® Clinical Practice

First seizure management: I can see clearly now?

Neurology® Genetics

PFKM gene defect and glycogen storage disease GSDVII with misleading enzyme histochemistry


Cerebrovascular Disorders Complicating Pregnancy

Feske, Steven K., MD; Singhal, Aneesh B., MD

Neuroradiology in Women of Childbearing Age

Bove, Riley M., MD; Klein, Joshua P., MD, PhD

Inflammatory Myopathies

Amato, Anthony A., MD, FAAN; Greenberg, Steven A., MD

Neurology Today

New Study Suggests Brain Is Connected to the Lymphatic System: What the Discovery Could Mean for Neurology

Shaw, Gina

Experimental ALS Drug Triggers Social Media Hype, But Doctors Say Facts about GM604 Are Slim

Fitzgerald, Susan

News from the MDS International Congress: Inhaled Levodopa Quickly Abolishes 'Off Time' Symptoms for Parkinson's Patients

Susman, Ed

Neurology Now

A Leader Takes on Brain Disease: Two personal tragedies spur former Vice President Walter F. Mondale’s support for aggressive brain research.

Shaw, Gina

Readers Like Me: We asked 10 subscribers who have been with Neurology Now for 10 years to share their stories. Here’s what they told us.

Hiscott, Rebecca

Defeating a Rare Disorder: After two of their children died from a mysterious illness, Laurian and John Scott pushed to find the gene that caused it—and brought new hope to dozens of families.

Gordon, Debra MS


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