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  • Experience the All-new Annual Meeting

    Register today for the innovative new AAN Annual Meeting, set to take place Friday, April 15, through Thursday, April 21, 2016, at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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  • Free CME and Self-assessment Resources

    Looking for ways to earn important CME credits in 2016? Look no further, because only AAN membership provides free access to the AAN’s suite of online learning programs: NeuroSAE, NeuroLearn, and NeuroPI. An exclusive AAN membership benefit!

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  • What You Must Know About Axon Registry

    The AAN’s Axon Registry will collect and report quality data on a neurologist’s behalf. The registry will offer a convenient way to meet numerous reporting requirements and improve patient care.

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  • New! Without Borders

    This new Neurology journal special interest website is the go-to source for tracking science and politics of neurology beyond the U.S. featuring blogs, scholarly perspectives, and academic review of developments and research from the Neurology journals.

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  • New! Innovations in Care Delivery

    This new Neurology journal special interest website provides a forum to explore new care models from multiple disciplines, access to sources on health care innovation, and expert opinions on current research from the Neurology journals.

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Capitol Hill Report: This Is What We Will Fight for in Washington, DC

Read the latest issue of CHR and learn how the AAN is fighting on behalf of neurologists and neurology.

Latest Updates on Zika Virus

Stay updated on the latest developments of the Zika virus and read AAN resources on microcephaly.

Couch Potatoes May Have Smaller Brains Later in Life

Read the latest news and see how the AAN is raising public awareness of neurology and neurologists.

Neurology Journal

Midlife Milk Consumption and Substantia Nigra Neuron Density at Death

Milk intake is associated with SN neuron loss in decedent brains unaffected by PD.

Neurology® Clinical Practice

Post-IV thrombolytic headache and hemorrhagic transformation risk in acute ischemic stroke.

Neurology® Genetics

X-inactivation in the clinical phenotype of fragile X premutation carrier sisters.


Resident Sought for Continuum Editorial Board

One resident will be selected to serve a one-year term on the board beginning in May 2016. 

Bacterial Infections of the Central Nervous System

Karen L. Roos, MD, FAAN

Tropical Neuroinfectious Diseases

Kiran Thakur, MD; Joseph R. Zunt, MD

Neurology Today

In Unraveling a Novel Mechanism Behind Cancer Cells, Researchers Report a Potential New Approach to Blocking Gliomas

Talan, Jamie

Many Hospital Brain Death Practices Fall Short of AAN Recommendations Do Accrediting Organizations Need to Step In?

Samson, Kurt 

Gene Editing with CRISPR/Cas9 Corrects Mutation in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Model

Robinson, Richard

Neurology Now

After 12 Years in the NBA, Brian Grant Was Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease. Today, He's a Leading Proponent of Exercise for People With His Condition.

Laliberte, Richard

Obesity Has Been Linked to Neurologic Disorders Like Migraine, Dementia, and Sleep Apnea. Our Experts Review the Evidence and Offer Advice for Getting Weight Under Control.

Colino, Stacey

Therapy Dogs Can Transform Lives for People With Epilepsy, Autism, and Multiple Sclerosis. Learn More About Their Potential Benefits.

Pompilio, Natalie


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