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    The AAN’s guideline recommends removing athletes suspected of having a concussion from the game immediately and not be returned until assessed by a health care professional trained in concussion. Learn more, access resources, and download the Concussion Quick Check app.


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Capitol Hill Report: We're Going to the Hill and Need Your Support!

You can count on the AAN. Learn how the AAN is working to help protect your practice and your patients.

AAN Calls for Elimination of MOC Part IV

We Listened to Our Members

2015-2017 Proposed AAN Board Slate

The nominees will be presented to the voting membership for approval during the AAN’s 2015 business meeting on Monday, April 20, 2015, at 8:00 a.m. during the Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

Neurology Journal

Randomized trial of vaccination in fingolimod-treated patients with multiple sclerosis

Class I evidence that in some patients with MS receiving immunizations, concurrent fingolimod treatment in comparison to placebo decreases vaccination-induced immune responses

Neurology® Clinical Practice

Do efforts to decrease door-to-needle time risk increasing stroke mimic treatment rates?

Neurology® Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation

Reduction of CD8+ T lymphocytes in multiple sclerosis patients treated with dimethyl fumarate


Cerebrovascular Disorders Complicating Pregnancy

Feske, Steven K., MD; Singhal, Aneesh B., MD

Neuroradiology in Women of Childbearing Age

Bove, Riley M., MD; Klein, Joshua P., MD, PhD

Inflammatory Myopathies

Amato, Anthony A., MD, FAAN; Greenberg, Steven A., MD

Neurology Today

Cognitive Impairment in NFL Players Is Associated with the Age They Started Playing: What the Study Says — or Doesn't Say

Moran, Mark

Legal-ease: Supreme Court Ruling on Patent Case Gives Teva Pharmaceuticals More Time to Market Copaxone for MS Without Generic Drug Competition

Fitzgerald, Susan

Loss of Hippocampal Blood-Brain Barrier Detected in Aging and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Robinson, Richard

Neurology Now

Turn Staring Into Caring: The stigma of a neurologic disorder can be stressful—and can make symptoms worse. Patients and doctors teach us how to turn negative reactions into positive encounters.

Stephens, Stephanie

Treat Alzheimer's Early: A new trial aims to delay onset of this disease in asymptomatic people at high risk.

Hiscott, Rebecca

There's No Place Like Home: Before you modify your living space to accommodate a neurologic condition, consult these expert tips to make sure your alterations are smart and safe.

Shaw, Gina


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