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  • The Meeting Everyone’s Talking About

    With so much value, choice, customization, and innovation, what will you say?


  • Renew Your Membership for 2017

    We’re here to support you throughout your career with exclusive career-enhancing resources valued at up to $4,000.


  • New Online Neurology MOC Prep Course

    Get help preparing for your American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology recertification examination in clinical neurology, and earn up to 15 self-assessment CME credits—anytime and anywhere!


  • Live Well with Tools to Reduce Burnout

    Taking care of your patients starts with taking care of you. The prevalence of burnout is especially high among neurologists. Your health matters to us, so we are providing resources to help you revitalize your well-being.


  • Your Best Career Center, Now Improved

    The largest neurology-specific job site has a new look and enhanced features to make your employment search even easier. Let the AAN Neurology Career Center help you succeed with your career quest. Visit today and start your search!



US Immigration Policy Update

Read the AAN's update on the recently signed executive order regarding temporary travel bans.

Capitol Hill Report: Congress Ponders Obamacare Strategies

Read the latest news on how the AAN is fighting for neurology in Washington DC.

Study: Hormone Therapy May Not Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Read the latest news and see how the AAN is raising public awareness of neurology and neurologists.


Neurology Journal

Prognosis of Carotid Dissecting Aneurysms: Results from CADISS and a Systematic Review

The results of CADISS provide evidence suggesting that DAs may have benign prognosis and therefore medical treatment should be considered.

Neurology® Clinical Practice

Practice Current: "How do you treat neuromyelitis optica (NMO)?"

Neurology® Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation

Time course of glatiramer acetate efficacy in patients with RRMS in the GALA study.


Antiepileptic Drugs

Bassel W. Abou-Khalil, MD, FAAN 

Bacterial Infections of the Central Nervous System

Karen L. Roos, MD, FAAN

Tropical Neuroinfectious Diseases

Kiran Thakur, MD; Joseph R. Zunt, MD

Neurology Today

The Leakiest Pipeline: All Too Few Women Get to Run Their Own Neuroscience Labs

Avitzur, Orly MD, MBA, FAAN

Early Return to Activity after Concussion May Reduce Post-concussive Symptoms in Youth

Owens, Sarah

The Neurologist as National Health Care Leader: Mayo Clinic's John H. Noseworthy, MD, FAAN

Shaw, Gina

Neurology Now

The Sopranos' Jamie-Lynn Sigler says going public about her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis after 15 years has been therapeutic and empowering

Childers, Linda

Protect Your Brain for Life

Cohen, Marisa

Are You Taking Your Medication?

Kritz, Fran


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