Natalia S. Rost, MD, MPH, FAHA, FAAN, is director of the Acute Stroke Services at Massachusetts General Hospital and associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School. A cum laude graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, she also holds a master's degree from Harvard School of Public Health. Rost trained in neurology and vascular neurology at Partners (Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham and Women's Hospital) residency and fellowship programs.

As clinician-scientist, Rost dedicated her career to care of patients with stroke and reducing the burden of post-stroke disability through excellence and innovation in care and neurological science. Rost has an established line of research aiming to unravel the role of pre-existing burden of cerebrovascular disease on susceptibility of brain tissue to acute ischemia, which has been continuously supported by the National Institutes of Health and foundations including National Stroke Association, Bugher Foundation of the American Heart/Stroke Association, and the NIH Career Development Award (K23). As the principal investigator of the SALVO (NINDS R01NS082285) and MRI-GENIE (NINDS R01NS0869050) studies, she is broadly recognized as an expert in neuroimaging markers of cerebrovascular disease, genetics of stroke, and post-stroke outcome prediction. Rost also serves as co-investigator on the multiple multidisciplinary, multi-center collaborations involving the US-based NINDS StrokeNET clinical trials network and the International Stroke Genetics Consortium, where she serves as chair of the Neuroimaging Working Group.

Rost is an author of numerous peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and co-author of the MGH Handbook of Neurology. She serves as assistant editor of the journal STROKE, and she recently completed her tenure as president of the Boston Board of the American Heart/Stroke Association. Among her professional accomplishments, Rost is particularly proud of her career-long involvement with the American Academy of Neurology, where she currently serves as vice chair of the Science Committee.