The AAN Award for Creative Expression of Human Values in Neurology is sponsored by the Ethics, Law, and Humanities Committee, a joint committee of the American Academy of Neurology, American Neurological Society, and Child Neurology Society. This award recognizes an outstanding poem, short story, or work of creative nonfiction that artistically expresses human values in the practice of neurology, including compassion for persons with neurological disorders and reflection by physicians involved in their care.


You may apply for this award if you are an:

  • AAN member who has published a poem, short story, or work of creative nonfiction in the Reflections: Neurology and the Humanities section of the journal Neurology® between January and December of the year for which the award is being presented; or
  • AAN member who is submitting a poem, short story, or work of creative nonfiction specifically for consideration for the CEA.

Individuals who have been recipients of the CEA within the past three years are ineligible.

The CEA winner will receive $1,000. In addition, the recipient’s registration fee for the Annual Meeting will be waived.

For information about manuscript preparation and submission to Reflections: Neurology and the Humanities, visit Information for Authors.

For additional information or submission of manuscripts specifically for award consideration, contact Karen Kasmirski at (612) 928-6118 or