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AAN Annual Meeting Press Room Policies for Industry

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN), the world’s leading association of 34,000 neurologists and neuroscience
professionals, welcomes industry participation at its 2018 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. The AAN Annual Meeting Press Room serves
print, broadcast, and online reporters from around the world and has the following policies in effect to help facilitate news
coverage of the more than 2,700 scientific abstracts presented. The following are answers to frequently asked questions by
industry regarding their involvement in media and public relations at the AAN Annual Meeting.

What is the AAN Embargo Policy?

The embargo for all non-emerging science abstracts, which includes more than 3,000 research presentations at the upcoming 2018 AAN Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, is 4:00 p.m. ET, Thursday, March 1, 2018, which is the date and time all non-emerging science abstracts will be posted online via This embargo date and time applies to all non-emerging science abstracts to be presented at the AAN Annual Meeting, unless otherwise noted by the AAN Media and Public Relations Department.

The AAN strictly enforces its embargo policy, which prohibits the distribution or publication of the contents of abstracts ahead of the embargo date and time. Embargoed press releases on newsworthy non-emerging science abstracts will be distributed to credentialed journalists by early March.

The embargo for emerging science abstracts (formerly known as late-breaking scientific abstracts) to be presented at the AAN Annual Meeting remains in effect until 12:01 a.m. ET, Friday, April 20, 2018, unless otherwise noted by the AAN Media and Public Relations Department.

Emerging science abstracts are not posted online in advance of the AAN Annual Meeting. Emerging science abstracts are accepted from neurologists, neuroscientists, and other researchers whose work is of major scientific importance, warranting expedited presentation and publication. Key aspects of the research must have been conducted after October 23, 2017. For questions regarding AAN Annual Meeting policies, please contact Renée Tessman, Senior Manager of Media and Public Relations, at or (612) 928-6137.

Please also see AAN Annual Meeting Embargo Policy at

Who can register for the Press Room at the AAN Annual Meeting?

Credentialed reporters, writers, producers, and editors from established print, online, or broadcast news organizations may register for the Press Room. Representatives from industry, public relations firms, financial analyst firms, or medical communications companies are not allowed to register or enter the AAN Annual Meeting Press Room or Press Conference Room. Companies that are exhibitors may not request press credentials for their staff.

May our company host an on-site or off-site press conference for our client?

No. This activity would count as taking the exhibit out of the Exhibit Hall, which is against AAN Annual Meeting policies and guidelines. This includes conference calls, web conferences, inviting press to Corporate Therapeutic Updates, and similar organized events as they relate to the press. Only press conferences organized by AAN staff may take place on-site or in off-site locations in connection with the AAN Annual Meeting.

Is it possible to obtain a copy of your press registration list?

No. The AAN does not share its press registration lists or its news release distribution lists with outside organizations.

How can I find out when an abstract will be presented?

A separate, searchable website is created in advance of the AAN Annual Meeting that will include information on general abstracts submitted for the 2018 AAN Annual Meeting. However, information regarding emerging science abstracts will not be posted online in advance of the AAN Annual Meeting.

Does the AAN review outside press releases?

No. The AAN is not responsible for reviewing outside materials, but will hold industry representatives accountable for misrepresentation of materials. Examples include: stating that a study was presented during the AAN Annual Meeting when it wasn’t selected as part of the program, incorrectly stating an embargo date and/or time, and so forth. The AAN has the right to refuse any materials.

Where can industry press releases be placed?

Industry representatives may only display press releases related to AAN Annual Meeting abstracts on a designated table located outside the Press Room. Press materials must be related to research presented at the AAN Annual Meeting. The scientific presentation time of the abstract featured in a press release must be clearly labeled on the top of the press release. Press releases not labeled with presentation times and other materials such as press kits, folders, brochures, and fact sheets that are left on the designated table for industry press releases will be discarded by AAN staff.

For questions regarding policies, please contact Renée Tessman at or (612) 928-6137.