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A Stroke of Genius: Using Gaming to Reinforce Learning in Neurology Education
Research Methodology, Education, and History
P6 - Poster Session 6 (12:00 PM-1:00 PM)

Background: Educational games have been shown to be a useful adjunct to traditional didactics in solidifying learning. Games are a small but growing feature in medical education. However, to date, the use of games has not been reported in Neurology education. 

Objective: We developed a competitive card game for reinforcing vascular Neurology concepts to medical students and residents. Our aim was to evaluate the acceptability and perceived effectiveness of game-based learning in Neurology.

Methods: Trainees attend a lecture on vascular Neurology. Following the lecture, they are divided into groups of four to five and engage in the educational game. The trick-based game involves placing cards to build a case including neuropathology, neurophysiology and neuroanatomy concepts drawn from the USMLE step 1 content. A faculty moderator is present throughout the game to clarify any questions.  At the end of the game, each player completes a questionnaire with closed and open-ended questions for analysis.
Results: The activity was well received by students and residents. The study included individuals with different levels of gaming experience. Overall, participants felt that the game was effective in reinforcing the concepts learned in class. They also found the game enjoyable and easy to play.  The majority of participants also expressed that they wanted games to be included in most of their courses.

Conclusion: A competitive card game reinforcing Neurovascular pathophysiology and anatomy is an effective and enjoyable method for mastering Neurology concepts. Games provide an interactive tool that makes learning more engaging. This study provides support for integrating educational games in the Neurology curriculum for trainees.

Ruchi Dhyani, MD
No disclosure on file
Ann Helms, MD (Medical College of WI) Dr. Helms has nothing to disclose.