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Assessment of Argentine healthcare providers' knowledge on sports-related concussion: a cross-sectional study
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Athletes who have had a concussion may be at risk of  a wide range of short- or long-term complications. The experience with and knowledge about concussion may be the most important factors for an effective concussion management.

To assess the current experience, beliefs and knowledge of survey respondents in the diagnosis and management of sports-related concussion and their relationship to formal concussion training.

A cross-sectional survey was conducted in July and August 2020 all over Buenos Aires, Argentina among healthcare professionals involved in the training and care of the competitive or recreational athletes. The survey covered: (i) the socio-demographic characteristics; (ii) experience; (iii) beliefs; and (iv) assessment of knowledge on sports concussion.

A total of 626 participants completed and returned the questionnaire (response rate 86%). The majority of the healthcare professionals were physicians (n=429; 68.5%). Nearly two-thirds (72%) of the respondents were related to rugby. Soccer was the second sport (6.2%). Seventy four percent of the respondents (n=463) reported having concussion training. Respondents correctly answered on average 6.23 ± 2.16 (out of 10) concussion knowledge questions. The largest gaps were related to the topics of clinical interpretation of severity symptoms scales and neuroimaging. The smallest gaps were identified for young athletes (<18 years of age) management after a concussion. There was a significant difference in mean survey respondents' knowledge scores about concussion [F (1,622) =109.479, p<0.001] between who had received the formal concussion training and those who had not, whilst adjusting for age and years the participant reported having had experience in sport.
Knowledge gaps exist in the clinical practice when dealing with professionals who are involved in the care of athletes. Our findings confirm the need for training and education on sport-related concussion.
Maria Julieta Russo, MD (FLENI)
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Ricardo F. Allegri, MD, PhD, FAAN (Institute for Neurological Research (FLENI)) Dr. Allegri has nothing to disclose.