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Primary angitis of the central nervous system (PANCS) mimicking Glioblastoma in a pediatric patient
Autoimmune Neurology
P6 - Poster Session 6 (5:30 PM-6:30 PM)

PANCS is an extremely rare, devastating disease; its preoperative diagnosis is challenging because the condition may display nonspecific features on neuroimaging.  To date, only a few cases with tumor-like PANCS have been described in adults and none in children. Here we report a case of a 15 year old female with PANCS masquerading as a glioblastoma.


15 year old female presented to our hospital in April of 2021 with a subacute onset of intractable headaches and nausea. Her CT head showed vasogenic edema involving both frontal lobes, left worse than right. Her MRI brain demonstrate a large left frontal heterogenous mass with extension across the corpus callosum into the right frontal lobe, suggestive of a high-grade glioma. MRA head and neck was unremarkable. Her CSF studies were unremarkable. Neurosurgery was consulted, who performed a resection of the mass. Histology demonstrated lymphocytic vasculitis with multifocal parenchymal necrosis, most consistent with PANCS. She was placed on the BrainWorks protocol for PANCS (University of Calgary). Her repeat MRI brain 4 months after her presentation showed a decreased FLAIR signal abnormality surrounding the resection cavity. She has been completely asymptomatic to date and is back to her baseline.

Here we describe a case of a 15 year old female with PANCS mimicking a glioblastoma, with complete resolution of her symptoms while on the BrainWorks protocol for PANCS.

Alfred Balasa, MD
Dr. Balasa has nothing to disclose.
Elizabeth McQuade, MD (WVU Health Sciences Center, Ruby Memorial Hosptial) Dr. McQuade has nothing to disclose.