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A systemic review of neurological manifestations of COVID-19 infection
General Neurology
P9 - Poster Session 9 (5:30 PM-6:30 PM)

While COVID-19 typically presents as a respiratory disease, the neurological manifestations are not uncommon. Neurological reports of COVID-19 patients described headache, dizziness, hypogeusia, hyposmia, acute cerebrovascular disease, myopathy, neuromuscular disorders, encephalitis, ataxia, delirium, and others. There are also reports of Guillaine Barrè syndrome associated with COVID-19. More data is needed to establish the incidence, outcomes and causal mechanisms between COVID-19 and its neurological sequel. Risk factors that may predispose a person with COVID-19 to neurological manifestations also need to be identified.

The purpose of the study is to systematically review literature on the neurological manifestations of COVID-19. Our review aims to inform the physicians treating COVID-19 of the neurological manifestations experienced within these patients.

A PubMed and Scopus search has been conducted identify published papers for systematic review. Case reports, case series, editorials, reviews, case-control and cohort studies were evaluated, and relevant information was abstracted.

We identified 27 article meeting our criteria in the final analysis which included experimental studies, case reports, series of cases, cohort studies, and systematic reviews.  Common reported symptoms included hyposmia, headaches, weakness, altered consciousness. Encephalitis, demyelination, neuropathy, and stroke have been associated with COVID-19. The most frequently reported neurological complication was acute ischemic cerebrovascular accident, followed by Guillain–Barré syndrome, with least common being meningitis and/or encephalitis. Presence of preexisting neurological disorders was associated with increased risk of developing neurological signs and/or syndromes with COVID-19.

Considering the possibility of neurological involvement in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection can result in earlier diagnosis and treatment. Neurologic manifestations in COVID-19 should alert physicians and medical practitioners to rule in high-risk patients. Using a global network with standardized  protocols and common data elements is critical to facilitate further studies to understand COVID-19 neurological manifestations. 
Sahil Naik, MD (Einstein Medical Center)
Dr. Naik has nothing to disclose.
Nivedita Jha, MD, MBBS (Tower Health) Dr. Jha has nothing to disclose.
Varsha Muddasani, MBBS (Einstein Medical Center) Dr. Muddasani has nothing to disclose.
Shivani Naik, MD (Cedar Sinai Medical Center) Dr. Naik has nothing to disclose.