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Abstract Details

Knowledge and practice towards status epilepticus among emergency room physicians in the Gaza Strip: a cross-sectional study
Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG)
P9 - Poster Session 9 (5:30 PM-6:30 PM)

SE is a medical and neurologic emergency with many serious complications. Management is both time and knowledge-dependent.

To determine the level of knowledge and practice of Palestinian ER physicians towards status epilepticus (SE).

This cross-sectional study recruited all ER physicians working in the six main governmental hospitals in Gaza Strip during June 2022. A questionnaire was used to assess the knowledge and practice toward SE.

Overall, 137 physicians participated (response rate 81%), including 100 males and 37 females. Mean age was 28.36 years (SD 3.4). Most participants were fresh graduates (107 had graduated in 2018 or later). The mean number of status epilepticus cases per participant during the past 12 months was 4.42 (SD 6.33). Out of 22 knowledge questions, the mean score was 13.24 (SD 3.13). A weak negative correlation (-0.20) existed between age and knowledge. Also, graduates of local medical schools scored significantly higher compared to graduates of foreign medical schools (mean score 14.3 vs. 12.17, p=0.000). Only 63.5% of participants recognized the correct, updated definition of status epilepticus. On the other hand, 85.4 and 83.9% recognized that it might cause permanent brain damage or death, respectively. In terms of practice, only 51 (37.2%) participants correctly answered whether an EEG monitoring device was available at their facility or not, while 17 (12.4%) did not correctly answer if their hospital had a neurologist among the staff. Self-revision of Status epilepticus guidelines was associated significantly with higher knowledge scores.

Palestinian ER physicians in this survey demonstrated low levels of knowledge and practice towards SE. This should be addressed by the local health authorities to avoid potentially preventable SE-related mortality and morbidity.

Belal Adel Aldabbour, MD (Islamic University of Gaza)
Dr. Aldabbour has nothing to disclose.
Ayoub AbuNemer, MD Dr. AbuNemer has nothing to disclose.
Mohammad Ghazi Alfarra, Other (IUG) Mr. Alfarra has nothing to disclose.
Osama Adel Aldabbour, MD Dr. Aldabbour has nothing to disclose.
Yousef Mohammed Abu Zaydah Dr. Abu Zaydah has nothing to disclose.
Haytham Mohammed Abuzaid, MD Dr. Abuzaid has nothing to disclose.