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Abstract Details

@NMatch2023: A Student-Led Social Media-Based Initiative to Guide Adult and Child Neurology Residency Applicants and Programs in a Digital Era
Education, Research, and Methodology
P10 - Poster Session 10 (8:00 AM-9:00 AM)
The COVID-19 pandemic has left a lasting impact on the residency application process. Virtual interviews offer a viable alternative to traditional in-person interviews, and residency programs rely on a strong online presence for applicant engagement. @NeurologyMatch is a student-operated, social media initiative to promote networking, education, and information-sharing within the online neurology community. @NMatch2023 has continued to expand and improve this resource for both neurology applicants and residency programs.
To describe the expansion of the @NeurologyMatch2023 project in supporting medical students applying to Adult and Child Neurology Residency programs in the United States. To offer recommendations for the online presence of Neurology Programs to encourage engagement with applicants.
May: @NMatch2023 leaders transitioned, Feedback Survey released
June: Match Motivation Mondays launched
July:  Mentorship program launched
August: Program calendar and features launched
September: NMatch Panel with the PDs
October: Data collection

Frequent ERAS Questions (n=189): The most commonly asked questions were about USMLE scores (36.3%), preliminary vs. advanced positions (18.1%) and personal statements (13.7%).  

Twitter Analytics: Since the transition of leadership in May 2022, we had an average of 114 tweets; 140,000 impressions; 49,200 profile visits; 440 mentions; and 295 followers per month.

Instagram Analytics: Compared to May 2022, our analytics demonstrate a 174% increase in accounts, with 4,443 accounts in the last 90 day period. There was an increase in account engagement by 155%, with a total number of 730.
Since May 2022, @NMatch2023 experienced a substantial increase in follower activity on Instagram and consistent Twitter engagement. From the applicant perspective, NMatch is a resource to see program highlights and compare programs. From the perspective of Neurology residency programs, NMatch serves as a tool to determine what is important for applicants in choosing a program as well as suggest information their program makes available for student review prior to applying.
Nupur N Goel, MD (Alcott Apartments)
Miss Goel has nothing to disclose.
Vera Pertsovskaya, MD (New York Presbyterian - Weill Cornell Medical Center) Miss Pertsovskaya has nothing to disclose.
Andrea Mendez Colmenares, MD, PhD (Colorado State University) Dr. Mendez Colmenares has nothing to disclose.
Melanie Orr No disclosure on file
Hiba Naveed, MD (Gateway Lofts Lansing) Ms. Naveed has nothing to disclose.
Rohan Bapu Yarlagadda, DO (Medstar Georgetown University Hospital) Mr. Yarlagadda has nothing to disclose.
Ryan Emmanuel, MD (University of iowa) Mr. Emmanuel has nothing to disclose.