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Abstract Details

Prioritizing Racial Representation in Treating People with Parkinson’s Disease: An Assessment of Racial Inclusion Among Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Trials between 1999-2022.
Movement Disorders
P10 - Poster Session 10 (8:00 AM-9:00 AM)
Racial disparities exist in clinical trials across many disciplines. Collection of racial data and inclusion of racial subgroups in a proportionate manner is essential to ensuring scientific knowledge on clinical effectiveness and adverse effects of medications and other therapeutics in a diverse patient population. The current study focuses on racial representation within neurological clinical trials, specifically PD.

The primary goal is to evaluate the inclusion of racial data in Parkinson’s Disease (PD) clinical trials. The secondary goal is to assess the racial proportions among PD trials reporting racial data.

In this meta-analysis, the publicly available ClinicalTrials.Gov database was accessed on August 27th 2022, with search term “Parkinson’s Disease” , which resulted in 3284 trials. Microsoft Excel was used for data collection and analysis. 5 independent reviewers extracted study level data and performed data checks to confirm accuracy and consistency. After applying filters for “complete” “interventional” “with results,” 330 trials remained. 208 trials did not contain racial data. Among 122 trials with racial data, 12 trials were omitted due to: missing location (n=3), inconsistent race/gender reporting (n=2), different condition type (n=7).

208 (63%) trials did not report racial data. The secondary analysis of 110 trials revealed the following subgroup proportions: White (86.2%), Black (1.8%) Asian (5.9%) and Other, including American Indian/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, and unknown/not reported, (6.1%). Analysis of gender enrollment in PD clinical trials that reported race, revealed  female (36%) and male (64%).

Our findings reveal that the majority of PD trials did not report racial data. Furthermore, among those trials reporting racial data, White participants were disproportionately represented compared to Black, Asian and Other participants. These results highlight an urgent need to address racial representation within PD trials; specifically, research must elucidate barriers to equitable clinical trial recruitment and access.

Vivien Ikwuazom
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