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Abstract Details

Gambling Associated Risk-Taking Decision in Cerebellar Ataxia
Movement Disorders
P9 - Poster Session 9 (5:30 PM-6:30 PM)
Individuals with CA can develop impulsive and compulsive behaviors that significantly affect their and their family’s quality of life.
We used the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) to assess the decision-making process associated with impulsive and compulsive behaviors in people with cerebellar ataxia (CA).
Sixty individuals with CA and thirty age-matched controls were enrolled in the study to complete the IGT. No participants had a prior or comorbid neurologic or psychiatric disorder associated with impulsivity. IGT performance in each of the five 20-trial blocks was compared between groups and the progression of participants’ performance was assessed with simple linear regression models. Subgroup analyses were performed with genetic and non-genetic CA cases.
CA cases obtained significantly lower IGT total scores than controls (-5.30 ± 37.53 vs. 21.30 ± 37.37, p=0.004). In addition, those with CA made riskier decisions throughout the task compared to controls. Although both CA and controls learned to make decisions with more favorable outcomes over the course of completing the IGT, CA participants never matched the controls’ performance. IGT performance did not correlate with ataxia severity or depressive symptoms.
The IGT may capture a unique behavioral symptom of CA and may serve as a screening tool for impulse control disorders in CA. Future studies may help elucidate the mechanisms underlying impaired decision-making in CA and further the understanding of a broader spectrum of cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome.
Ruo-Yah Lai
Ms. Lai has nothing to disclose.
Natasha Desai (Columbia University Medical Center) Natasha Desai has nothing to disclose.
Christian Amlang, MD (SUNY Downstate ) Dr. Amlang has nothing to disclose.
Chi-Ying (Roy) Lin, MD, FAAN (Baylor College of Medicine) Dr. Lin has a non-compensated relationship as a Secretary with Broadway for Ataxia Foundation (a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization) that is relevant to AAN interests or activities.
Tiffany Chen Tiffany Chen has nothing to disclose.
Michael Jonathan Minyetty, Other (Columbia University Irving Medical Center) Mr. Minyetty has nothing to disclose.
Nadia Amokrane (Columbia University medical center) Nadia Amokrane has nothing to disclose.
Sheng-Han Kuo, MD (Columbia University) Dr. Kuo has nothing to disclose.