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Advancing Gender Equity in Latin American Neurology Training: Insights for Program Planning
Education, Research, and Methodology
P9 - Poster Session 9 (8:00 AM-9:00 AM)

Gender disparities are a global concern. Latin America faces its own unique healthcare challenges, contributing to specific gender-related issues in neurology training. Identifying and addressing these disparities is essential for an inclusive and equitable healthcare workforce.

To understand gender disparities in neurology training across Latin America and identify effective strategies to address this gap.

A literature review conducted utilizing PubMed, Google Scholar, and two supplementary resources containing data from Peru identified 31 potentially relevant article abstracts, with data extracted from 14 articles. To address methodological variations, we utilized a stratified approach, by years, to gain better understanding of gender disparities across contexts.

Some countries had no previous research on gender disparities. Neuroscientists in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, and Uruguay exhibited significant disparities in the highest scientific position in 2020 (p<0.000), showing a male/female ratio > 1, particularly in Cuba and Uruguay. While Peru’s largest neurology residency program showed an improvement in the male/female ratio: 7 from 1981-1984, 4.4 from 2006-2010, and > 1 from 2019-2023; female representation accounts for 26% of registered neurology researchers. 

We identified four key strategies for program development:                                

 - Transparent system: monitor diversity and inclusion policies.                        

 - Encouraging Leadership: revise evaluation criteria, childcare policies, and pay equity; provide re-entry grants; ensure diverse academic and leadership roles.

 - Financial and Educational Support: mentoring, grants, and fee coverage to enhance conference accessibility for resource-limited regions.

 - Promoting Multilingualism: translation, bias training, and local language dissemination of research findings for scientific diversity.

Our review highlights the underrepresentation of Latin American women in neurology training and unequal career opportunities. Gender disparities in neurology training demand strategic interventions to reduce gender disparities. These strategies should include developing effective programs and actionable policies to address the unique challenges faced by female neurology trainees in Latin America and the future of neurology.

Arantxa N. Sanchez Boluarte (University of Washington)
Dr. Sanchez Boluarte has nothing to disclose.
Sofía S. Sánchez Boluarte, MD (Universidad Cesar Vallejo) Dr. Sánchez Boluarte has received research support from Fogarty fellow.
Joseph R. Zunt, MD (Harborview Medical Center) The institution of Dr. Zunt has received research support from NIH.