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2022 Annual Meeting | C170 - Neurologic Complications of Medical and Surgical Therapies

Thursday 04/07/22
03:30 PM - 05:30 PM PDT Add To Calendar
This program will be presented both in-person and online
This program will be available in the meeting's On Demand product.
Christopher L. Kramer, MD
General Neurology
1) Describe the the components post-intensive care unit syndrome
2) Recognize the various neurovascular complications of cardiac surgeries and invasive circulatory support
3) Identify common post-operative neursurgical complications
4) Appreciate the impact post-intensive care unit syndrom and its components has upon survivors of critical illness
5) Differentiate between the various post-operative neuroloigical complications through diagnostic and treatment algorithms
2.00 CME credits
Patient Care & Procedural Skills, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Medical Knowledge, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Systems-based Practice
Fellow, Resident, General Neurologist, Specialist Neurologist, Non-neurologist, Advanced Practice Provider, Neurohospitalist
Case-based, Didactic

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Event Timeline
03:30 PM - 04:10 PM PDT Speaker Neurological Complications of Critical Care
Christopher L. Kramer, MD
04:10 PM - 04:50 PM PDT Speaker Neurological Complications of Cardiac Surgery and Invasive Cardiac Support
Faten El Ammar, MD
04:50 PM - 05:30 PM PDT Speaker Post-operative Neurosurgical Complications
Christopher P. Robinson, DO
Faculty Disclosures
Christopher L. Kramer, MD Dr. Kramer has nothing to disclose.
Faten El Ammar, MD Dr. El Ammar has nothing to disclose.
Christopher P. Robinson, DO Dr. Robinson has nothing to disclose.