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2023 Annual Meeting | H42 - A.B. Baker Award for Lifetime Achievement in Neurologic Education Keynote Address: The Five Clinician Educators You Meet in Heaven (Trainee and Educator Hub)

Saturday 04/22/23
03:30 PM - 04:30 PM EST Add To Calendar
This program will be presented both in-person and online
This program will be available in the meeting's On Demand product.
Hubs (Trainee and Educator)
Zachary N. London, MD, FAAN
Education, Research, and Methodology
It's early next week, and you're strolling along the Freedom Trail when bam! Out of nowhere, an errant fly ball from Fenway Park careens directly into your medulla. As you take your last breath, you regret only that you couldn't stick around for the Thursday morning plenary session. But this disappointment turns to wonder as you wake up in heaven's exclusive wing for neurology nerds. This place kind of reminds you of morning rounds, but with a fog machine. Here, you will meet five people who tried to teach you neurology over the years, some more successfully than others. They will regale you with stories, games, music, Tweets, and more. You can't help but ruminate on whether some of these techniques could have helped your own teaching while you were still alive. Oh well.
0.00 CME credit
Systems-based Practice
Fellow, Resident, General Neurologist, Specialist Neurologist, Non-neurologist, Advanced Practice Provider, Neurohospitalist, Medical Student, Business Administrator
Didactic, Audience Participation

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Event Timeline
03:30 PM - 04:30 PM EST Speaker The Five Clinician Educators You Meet in Heaven
Zachary N. London, MD, FAAN
Faculty Disclosures
Zachary N. London, MD, FAAN Dr. London has nothing to disclose.