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  1. Memorial Service Scheduled for Lewis P. (Bud) Rowland, MD, FAAN

    ...A memorial service for Lewis P. (Bud) Rowland, MD, FAAN, past president of the American Academy of Neurology and editor-in-chief of Neurology and Neurology Today, will be held on Sunday, June 25, 2017, at 1:00 pm at St

    • Neurology Today
    • June 08, 2017

    ...At Tenet Healthcare-owned Memorial Hospital, LSU Alzheimer disease specialist Paul Dash, MD, road out Katrina, camped out with his wife (a senior administrator considered essential personnel) and stepdaughter, along

    • Shaw, Gina
    • Neurology Today
    • October 01, 2005
  3. Is Successful Brain Training Fake News?: Neurologists Parse Out the Messaging for Patients

    .... A GROWING NUMBER of high-profile athletes have claimed that computerized cognitive training programs boost their attention, processing speed, memory, and other cognitive skills.In the days leading up to this year's

    • Fitzgerald, Susan
    • Neurology Today
    • April 06, 2017
  4. Few Cognitive Problems Found from Frontal Lobe Epilepsy Surgery, but Also Few Predictors of Trouble

    ... measure. Auditory Delayed=Auditory Delayed Memory Index; Auditory Immediate=Auditory Immediate Memory Index; Auditory Recog=Auditory Recognition Delayed Memory Index; GPT=Grooved Pegboard Test; PE=perseverative errors

    • Robinson, Richard
    • Neurology Today
    • March 02, 2017
  5. Researchers Identify Novel Potential New Pathway and Target for Alzheimer's Disease

    ...ARTICLE IN BRIEFRemoving Ephexin5 in an animal model of Alzheimer's disease led to the dendritic spine density returning to normal levels and normalization of learning and memory behavioral testing.Figure. EPHEXIN5

    • Talan, Jamie
    • Neurology Today
    • July 06, 2017
  6. Drug Use and Unique MRI Pattern Associated with Amnestic Syndrome

    ... of heroin use and memory loss at the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, MA, in October 2012. He said the MRI showed acute and complete ischemia of both hippocampi. The team looked for but found no...

    • Fallik, Dawn
    • Neurology Today
    • March 16, 2017