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  1. Volunteer Boost: Patients who participate in clinical trials tend to fare better than those who don't—whether they receive the treatment or a placebo.

    ... website to help address those feelings in himself and others. Within weeks of his diagnosis, he started taking a disease-modifying drug and volunteered for a three-year clinical trial, which was testing an add

    • Watts, Sarah
    • Neurology Now
    • May 01, 2017
  2. The Power of Many: Data from patient registries help advance research and improve care.

    ... muscles and the nerves that control them was inconclusive. After several visits, his neurologist referred Arison to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. In October 2011, after four days of testing, including another EMG

    • Laliberte, Richard
    • Neurology Now
    • November 01, 2017
  3. The Price Isn't Right: Breakthrough drugs for rare neurologic diseases are staggeringly expensive. We explain why and how to effect change.

    ... neurons in the spinal cord. Camille's parents, Brandon and Casie, had heard about a clinical trial of nusinersen (Spinraza), a promising new drug for SMA, but Camille was just shy of 2 years old, the cutoff age

    • Shaw, Gina
    • Neurology Now
    • March 01, 2018
  4. Fitting In: For children with disabilities, integrating with other students at mainstream schools can be challenging. We asked neurologists and parents how to ease the transition.

    ... disabilities.“The school district was very accommodating. I feel we lucked out in that respect,” says Olivia's mother, Stephanie Sawyer-Ames. “Another reason I believe they were supportive was because of the physical...

    • Pompilio, Natalie
    • Neurology Now
    • March 01, 2018
  5. The Art of illness: Four artists talk about how their neurologic conditions affect their art.

    ..., and I'm pretty sure the only reason they agreed was that they'd been told my disease was progressing so fast I might not live past age 13 or 14. Not only did they get me a trumpet, but they also gave me a bunch

    • Collier Cool, Lisa
    • Neurology Now
    • September 01, 2017
  6. Brain Food: Can the foods you eat enhance brain health, or even help manage a neurologic condition? We spoke to the experts about popular diets and reviewed the evidence to find the answers.

    ... of dementia.”“A lot of this Parkinson's research is new, so it's very exciting and interesting,” says Carrolee Barlow, MD, PhD, chief executive officer of the Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center, a Parkinson's

    • Cohen, Marisa
    • Neurology Now
    • July 01, 2017