Career Transitions

Navigate a career transition with these helpful resources.

Career Transitions Resources

AAN President Elect Strikes Work-life Balance in Private Practice
Rewards found in teamwork and varied responsibilities.

A Day in the Life of a VA Neurologist: Lynn Kataria, MD
Serving those who have served.

The Job Seeker's Perspective: Ben Tolchin Shares His Experience
A clinical epilepsy fellow in his last year of training finds contacts and camaraderie during his job search.         

Job Listings, Mentoring, and More for Any Career Stage
Learn how the AAN's online Neurology Career Center can help you.

Choosing the Right Practice Setting
Here are some things to consider before you decide on your ideal practice setting.

Real World Job Search: A 12-month Timeline to Stay on Track
Residents will benefit from this countdown to a successful conclusion of a job search. 

Choosing a Practice Setting
Get insights you need to understand the dynamics of different work places.

Choosing Rural vs. Urban Practice Setting
Rural or urban? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Learn more.

Making a Career Transition
Consider this advice before you make big career changes.

Neurohospitalist Movement Growing Rapidly - More Fellowships, A New Journal, and an AAN Section
Neurohospitalists: Is this growing population of care providers a good fit for you?

FROM THEIR OWN BOSS TO EMPLOYEE: What Neurologists Who Left Private Practices Have Gained - and Lost
Discover the challenges and rewards of transitioning out of private practice.

Strategies for Developing Early Research Careers - And Getting Funded
Get insights on how to position yourself for a career in research.

How to Make Part-Time Neurology Work for the Practice - and the Family
Part-time positions may be just what the doctor ordered for schedule flexibility, raising a family.

Married in Medicine
Married to your work AND your spouse? Here are some tips on keeping everything in balance.

To the Nth Degree Three AAN Members with Multiple Professional Designations
Learn about what it takes to go above and beyond the standard credentials.

EBM and Your Career
EBM = Evidence-based medicine = improvements in your practice and quality of care.

Avoiding Career Burnout: An Innovative Model from the University of Virginia School of Medicine
New study examine causes and effects of physician burnout. 

Adding Advanced Practice Providers to a Neurology Practice-Four Perspectives
Find out how adding advanced practice providers can affect your practice.

Why Are Neurologists Burned Out
Has burnout affected you? Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your patients.

VIEWPOINT: Leaving Neurology: Lessons Learned After a Long Career
How to “consciously uncouple” from your career. 

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