AAN members may join vibrant communities of neurologists and neuroscience professionals in a wide range of subspecialties and interest areas.

Over one half of AAN members belong to one or more of the 45+ sections and consortiums, and their associated open or private Synapse communities. Synapse, AAN's member-only, online communities is a platform where members can partner with colleagues; engage in conversation; exchange ideas; and share scientific, practice, and professional insights. Section and consortium members may participate in scientific abstract reviews, education course proposals, and collaborations with guidelines and advocacy staff. Want to learn more? Contact sections@aan.com

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Any current AAN member may join any section of the AAN. Members may join as many sections as they wish, and by doing so will have access to that section’s Synapse community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Where do sections fit in the structure of the AAN?

  • Sections are represented by the Sections and Subspecialties Subcommittee, consisting of members from a wide range of subspecialties and practice types. The Sections and Subspecialties Subcommittee reports to the Member Engagement Committee. 


What leadership positions are available in each section?

  • Every section has a Chair and Vice Chair. These individuals are elected by section members and serve two-year terms.  


What is the difference between a section and a consortium?

  • A section is a member initiated group that is supported by AAN Member Relations. A consortium is generally related to a specific member type, supported by various AAN Committee staff liaisons. 


What is the process for proposing a new section?

  • Sections require Committee and Board of Directors approval. Please contact AAN Sections for more information.