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The new AAN Conferences Mobile App is now available! Tap into any* of the AAN conferences, from anywhere, and start planning your experience. 

What Is Available in the App? 

All the information you need about AAN conferences is conveniently available on your phone or tablet. 

Programming information for the Breakthroughs in Neurology and Career Essentials Conference is available. Registered attendees must log in with their AAN ID and confirmation number in order to access all information pertaining to a specific conference.

2018 Annual Meeting Information is Now Available! 
Download the new AAN Conferences Mobile App now to put all the information you need for the 2018 Annual Meeting conveniently on your phone or tablet:

  • Access program details and speakers
  • Customize your program schedule
  • View the hotel map
  • Explore the Los Angeles City Guide
  • Submit your program evaluations

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