'AAN Gives Back to Haiti' at the Annual Meeting

During Haiti's rainy season, thousands of patients-many mothers with newborns-are discharged from hospitals into torrential rains and flooded streets. Barefoot, and clutching tightly to their only pair of shoes in an effort to protect them from ruin, they make their way home, often to equally bleak conditions.

When the heavy rains come and the water rises, it mixes with the poor sewage and sanitation, which causes cholera to thrive and spread. Since the 2010 earthquake, more than 500,000 have been infected and more than 7,000 have died from the cholera epidemic.

In response to these dire circumstances, the AAN is partnering with the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti to provide protective ponchos to those who need them and donations for treatments for cholera patients. An anonymous donor has agreed to match all funds raised up to $50,000 until May 10, 2014.

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Learn more about the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti and their partnership with the AAN.


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