AAN Gives Back

The AAN is partnering with the Center for Community Health and Health Equity at Brigham and Women's Hospital to help give back to the Boston community during the 2017 AAN Annual Meeting.

Summer Science Academy program

The AAN's goal is to raise funds to help send Boston Public School 9th graders through the innovative Summer Science Academy program, exposing them to health care professions in a hospital setting and providing hands-on science education that links to real-world professional and personal application.

Every donation helps build meaningful experiences for participants:

  • $25 provides transportation and entrance into one science related field trip for one student
  • $50 provides a public health curriculum and materials for one student 
  • $100 provides new goggles and science materials for one student
  • $250 provides a 6-week social-emotional stress management course for one student
  • $1,000 funds student participation in the program and their program materials

The AAN's goal is to raise $5,000 and will match up to $2,500 in AAN Gives Back donations.

Donate Today!

Send mail-in donations to: 

BWH Development Office
Attn: Adrienne Ross
116 Huntington Avenue, Third Floor
Boston, MA 02116


The Summer Science Academy's goal is to teach and reinforce characteristics of responsibility, discipline, maturity, communication, and work ethics in addition to science skills.

Currently, Boston middle school students have limited opportunities to pursue hands-on science experiences, putting them at a disadvantage starting high school. Providing young adolescents a combination of both challenging and nurturing experiences in science that are relevant to their academic success and life can strengthen the possibility of them becoming more effective academic and social participants in the STEM fields and beyond.

Comprehensive evaluations showed that 100 percent of the 2016 Summer Science Academy students reported experiencing positive change in their academic motivation, and 84 percent reported a positive change in learning interest and academic perseverance.


“Summer Science Academy was an AMAZING experience, and I would definitely recommend this program to a friend.  I now know I want to further my career in science.”
-Kaman, SSA participant

“This program is amazing.  You learn so much and it gives you amazing experiences.  I know it will help me in my future career”
-Lexani, SSA participant

“This program was really fun and will definitely help kids who want to pursue health or science”
-Emily, SSA participant

"Summer Science Academy showed me things I didn't know before and helps me understand more about science.  It is helpful for my future as well if I want a career with science.”
-Rayla SSA participant

AAN Gives Back

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