Neuroscience is... Critical

Research funding (national and private) is critical for there to be therapies and cures to neurologic disease. When patients, researchers, and neurologists can work together to educate lawmakers, much can be accomplished.

Watch: The inspiration of a brain cancer survivor highlights the importance of support of research to find more options and treatments for everyone who suffers from brain disease.


One in three Americans will have a brain or nervous disorder sometime in their life and the cost of treating neurologic disorders is more than $500 billion each year. Given the aging population, many neurologic diseases are projected to be some of the most disabling and costly chronic diseases in the 21st century. The spending on research for neurologic disease represents only a small fraction of the costs of these conditions to society. Patients, researchers, and physicians must speak up to advocate for increased research funding. 

Despite ground breaking advancements made by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), federal funding has failed to keep pace with the growth of the economy. Ongoing advocacy for research funding and careers is vital to support scientific discovery - how do you get involved?


Animal research is an essential link to developing therapies and treatments. The AAN has collaborated with other research organizations to create tools to explain the importance of animal research and the link to therapies and cures. 

The AAN's Position on Animal Research

The AAN's Collaboration with Foundation for Biomedical Research: A White Paper on Non-human Primate Research

Talk to your patients about animal research.