Neuroscience is... Rewarding

A career in neuroscience is rewarding. Here you will find opportunities for college and medical students, as well as residents, to engage in meaningful neuroscience education and research.

The AAN wants to support your love of research at any stage of your career. Check out the reflections of a career researcher in dementia and Alzheimer's disease: 


The AAN's Neuroscience Is... Rewarding program is responsible for brainstorming, proposing, and implementing tactics and programs which offer college and medical school students, and residents the opportunity to engage in meaningful neuroscience education and research.

 It also works to support efforts of the Undergraduate and Graduate Education Subcommittees to improve medical students' access to neurology clerkships, strengthen the pipeline of residents choosing neurology, and neuroscience research, as their career.

Did you know that the AAN offers financial support for medical students, residents, and junior fellows to support research and provide opportunities to attend conferences? 

Check out these scholarship opportunities.