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Online Learning Programs

Fulfill your continuing medical education (CME) and maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements using the AAN's premiere online learning resources created for neurologists by neurologists.

Mobile-friendly versions of all online learning program tools are in development. Mobile-friendly versions currently available are noted below.


Self-assessment CME credits (for completing pre- and post-reading questions): Up to 12 per issue (72 per year)

CME credits for completing post-reading questions: Up to 10 per issue (60 per year) CME credits for completing

Patient Management Problem: Up to 2 per issue (12 per year)

Subscribe to Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology® and earn your credits through a convenient online service.

Mobile-friendly version available.

Continuum Audio

CME Credits: 2 per issue (48 per year)

Receive two hour-long audio CD issues each month, accompanied by a detailed written summary with educational objectives and test questions.

Subscribe to ContinuumAudio


CME Credits: 1.5 per issue (up to 72 per year)

Earn CME credit by reading two articles selected weekly by the editors and taking the exams online, on your mobile device at, or from the iPad® version of the journal.

Mobile-friendly version available.

Neurology® Podcast

CME Credits: 0.5 per podcast (up to 24 per year)

Listen to the interviews with authors of the most exciting research articles on the weekly podcast.


CME Credits: 20

Access NeuroPI℠ to guide you through an online performance improvement project. The module is structured as a three-part Performance Improvement CME program.


Self-assessment CME Credits: 0-8

Gauge your understanding of current knowledge and best practices with this online exam, designed to help meet self-assessment and lifelong learning requirements.

Mobile-friendly version available.


CME Credits: 1-2

Take online education courses on your own time and at your own pace with NeuroLearn℠.

Patient Safety

CME Credits: 1

Learn about the prevalence of abuse, methods of screening, and ways to respond. This is the AAN's first patient safety online CME course.

Recorded Webinars

CME Credits: 1.5

Learn the latest on practice management hot topics while earning CME credit.

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