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Note: To register for a 2016 subscription, simply start registering for a single webinar and the option to bundle will be presented. Registration for the 2016 webinar series subscription includes all 10 webinars presented live in 2016. Registration for webinars presented in 2015 must be made in a separate transaction; the 2015 webinars, which are 90 minutes, are priced at $149 per webinar or $199 for the series, and they are not included in the 2016 subscription.  

NEW 2016 Webinar Series

Solo, But Not Alone: Thriving in Small Neurology Practices

September 13, 2016, from 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET
Deadline to Register: September 12, 2016

Directors: Brad Klein, MD, MBA, FAAN 

Register for Solo, But Not Alone: Thriving in Small Neurology Practices

Running a small neurology practice is rewarding, but it can be challenging in the current healthcare landscape.  The AAN is dedicated to fostering successful small and solo neurology practices.  In this session, our experts cover high-yield practice topics that could apply to all providers but have special importance to those having to run the clinic AND the business side of the practice.   

  • Accumulate tips to help you balance patient visits while maintaining a thriving practic
  • Understand basic legal issues in setting up and running a practic
  • Evaluate the economics of outsourcing versus providing in-house services
  • Maximize use of technology in your practice to boost revenu
  • Discover best practices for working effectively with Medicare and private payers
Don't Just Phone It In: A Guide to Teleneurology

October 11, 2016, from 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET
Deadline to Register: October 10, 2016

Director: Eric Anderson, MD, PhD and David Evans, MBA

Register for Don't Just Phone It In: A Guide to Teleneurology

Telemedicine is an emerging field in neurology and affords an opportunity to increase patient access to care.  However, it is a complex endeavor, and knowing state-of-the-art methods is the key to success. In this webinar, Eric Anderson, MD, PhD-whose practice relies solely on teleneurology services-will offer an interactive presentation designed to empower you to decide if teleneurology will work for you and your practice.

  • Describe the applications and delivery models for the various forms of telemedicine and mobile health
  • Understand the role of telemedicine and medical apps in the care continuum
  • Learn how to code correctly for telemedicine for Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Payers
  • Understand how neurology's role in telemedicine neurology is growing
  • Discuss legal and regulatory issues associated with telemedicine
Getting the Most Out of Your Technology: HIT and Your Patients

November 8, 2016, from 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET
Deadline to Register: November 7, 2016

Directors: Allison Weathers, MD, FAAN

Register for Getting the Most Out of Your Technology: HIT and Your Patients

Discover best practices around EHR use and other emerging technologies like OpenNotes® with patients. In this webinar, AAN experts will provide an interactive presentation on technology tools, especially those that focus on patient experience.

  • Familiarize yourself with current patient engagement technology used in the medical field
  • Understand the core functionalities of EHR (electronic health records)
  • Understand the overall pros and cons to technology in the medical field

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