Industry supporters are often interested in purchasing multiple (50 - 5,000+) accesses or copies of AAN products and services. The AAN is proud to work with the following medical education companies as authorized distributors of AAN approved products and services in their respective regions of the world. The AAN encourages industry to work with authorized distributors to secure the best prices on large orders with local service.

All authorized distributors can produce a letter verifying our relationship. To ensure great service and knowledge of the marketplace, please make sure quotations you receive are from one of these authorized distributors. To learn more or if you need assistance, please contact the AAN.


Territory/Region: Global (excludes USA)

Company Profile: Encore is an internationally renowned
medical-education company working with leading specialty
associations to bring the latest medical content to the world.

With years of experience in the international market, Encore
offers a global team of professionals experienced in medical
education marketing and organization. Encore has delivered
medical association education in more than 50 countries
around the world, and in eight different languages.

Lidia Martin
Global Business Development Director


Territory/Region: Japan

Company Profile: Founded in Tokyo in 1979, HESCO International (HESCO) is a publisher of medical and scientific information in print and online. HESCO represents in Japan major medical societies and associations in the US and Europe and publishes Japanese Editions of their official publications exclusively such as Self-Assessment Programs, Pocket Guidelines, Online Journals and various online Educational Programs.

In 1999, HESCO started a membership website, Doctors on Line (DOL). It provides the latest medical and scientific information and educational programs to medical professionals.

Tad Teranishi 
President and CEO 


Territory/Region: India

Company Profile: Insignia is a 360 degree integrated CME,
medical content and publication company. We are strategic
partners for the healthcare industry aiming to provide
solutions for unmet needs through our specialized teams
and international collaboration competency. Our forte is to
create unbiased, relevant, authentic and accredited medical

We are proud to have teams with profound medical
knowledge, with vast experience from the pharmaceutical
and allied industries: MDs and PhDs in medical writing;
Project leaders from the pharmaceutical industry; Creative
and writing teams with an integrated approach and access
to key opinion leaders and global subject matter experts;
and technological experts providing solutions related to
dissemination of medical knowledge.

Vaibhav Srivastava



Territory/Region: India


Company Profile:  Knowledge Media Venturz, KMV provides

quality healthcare communication solutions. We are your

knowledge sharing partner, your virtual team. We work with

medical organizations to enhance knowledge sharing

opportunities by creating innovative platforms to connect

with healthcare experts in the industry.



Ms. Chhaya Surti Sankath




Territory/Region: India


Company Profile: MediQuest is India's pioneering
Continuing Medical Education initiative promoted by
Update Video Publication Private Limited and its associate
companies. Over the last 27 years, MediQuest has been
dedicated to communicating advances in medical sciences
for the benefit of healthcare professionals through a wide
array of published and on-line services.

The MediQuest group has primary focus on the healthcare
industry in India and South Asia markets with main business
interests in continuing medical education, healthcare
communications, live educational programs, medical
multimedia, medical publishing and life long learning
initiatives for healthcare professionals in partnership with
leading international medical societies and academies.



Manish Salkade



Territory/Region: Global (excludes USA and Canada)


Company Profile: Springer Healthcare is a leading
communications and medical education provider. With over
40 years' experience working with the pharmaceutical
industry, we specialize in developing medical content and
communications solutions including scientific
communications, promotional marketing programs,
prescriber and patient education materials, independent
medical news services, medical education, and
pharmaceutical sales-force training. We deliver this
scientific content to the healthcare professional using
innovative solutions that fit with the specific needs and
objectives of each of our clients.



Louisa Mott

Strategic Partnerships Manager


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