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January 2018

Personalization Among Top Accomplishments for You as We Kick Off 2018 

Happy New Year! We have a big year ahead as we begin 2018 and what better way to kick off the new year than with unveiling a brand new resource to be indispensable to our members. Enhancing your member experience has taken a generational leap with the launch of our redesigned website, now available to you after two years of planning, development, and member feedback. The goals of this totally re-engineered website are to develop a personalized, mobile-optimized, and member-focused website, integrating the vast array of AAN resources with improved usability through a clear navigation and powerful search platform that spans all Academy websites.

We know that time is precious. In this fast-paced world with big data and the rapid expansion of neurological knowledge, we want to do everything we can to help you be as efficient as possible. The Academy has so many helpful resources and we want all of our members to be able to access what they need and when they need it most. This includes streamlining our communications to you so they are customized and relevant to your own work. Whether you are looking for the latest evidence-based guidelines to practice high-value care for your patients, the latest article in one of our journals, updates on meetings designed to get you the latest information on a particular topic, or news about our fight to reduce regulatory burden, we want you to be able to rapidly access all of this information in a more personalized format.

Once you log in, the new website is optimized to your member profile to display information, products, programs, and services tailored based on a member’s career stage, setting, specialty interest area, and past and current activities with the AAN. The personalization includes CME and credit tracking, Synapse conversations, and conference attendance. We are unaware of any other medical association currently offering this level of personalization on their website.

Key features of the personalized homepage include:

  • Issues or opportunities of interest to you will be featured in the main image of the homepage.
  • Your current CME credits through the AAN will be displayed through a feed from the AAN’s NeuroTracker.
  • Highlights of essential programs, products, and services for your career stage.
  • Topics of interest to you will be displayed in the Latest News area.
  • Your interest areas also will be displayed in the Guidelines area.

The AAN has made personalization a major priority for many of our digital strategies to better connect with our members. We will continue to personalize emails, e-newsletters, and digital advertising based on your member profile. In addition, we continue to personalize print mailings, as well as web applications, so they are relevant and more meaningful to you. I want to especially thank all of the volunteer members and AAN staff who have worked tirelessly to bring all of this innovation to our members.

The website redesign is just one of the major achievements completed by the Academy in 2017. Here are some of the other significant accomplishments that we can celebrate from last year:

  • Demonstrated AAN value to members by reaching a 95-percent retention of US neurologist members
  • Surpassed 1,000 in advanced practice provider membership
  • Expanded the Axon Registry® to reach 120 sites, many of which are solo and small practices
  • Provided grants to neurologists through the AAN Hurricane Relief Fund for Affected Neurology Practices, as well as support for the Puerto Rico Neurology Residency Program
  • Embraced innovative redesign of all Academy publications, including Neurology®
  • Achieved record attendance at the AAN Annual Meeting in Boston and Fall Conference in Las Vegas
  • Established a Drug Pricing Task Force to address the high costs of neurologic drugs and influenced Congress to start a congressional investigation into high drug costs for multiple sclerosis
  • Launched a Health Disparities Task Force to develop recommendations and direction to address these growing gaps in patient care
  • Created the AAN Principles for Health Care Delivery to address health care reform
  • Published three studies in Neurology on neurologist burnout through the AAN Wellness Task Force
  • Implemented task force recommendations to address gender disparities through education, promotion of the issue, and leadership opportunities
  • Collaborated with others to address regulatory burden, improve reimbursement, and modify MOC requirements
  • Expanded our AAN Leadership Programs to 10 different programs, the newest of which focus on practicing neurologists and helping neurologists build resiliency in their lives

Our AAN Board is finalizing its strategic plan and goals for 2018—the 70th anniversary of your AAN. We added some 2,000 new members last year, bringing our total membership to 34,000 worldwide. Personalization of your experience is just one of the new ways we can make your AAN membership more relevant to you. As the largest association of neurological professionals, we have many strategic initiatives to help you provide high-value care and enhance member satisfaction in the evolving health care environment. Clearly, the proven value and importance of the AAN to the neurology profession has grown in tandem with our membership growth. As we continue to expand on A.B. Baker’s vision 70 years ago to meet your needs today—and tomorrow—we hope you will mark this anniversary by becoming more engaged with the Academy, using your membership to the fullest, and continuing to share your thoughts and concerns with leadership so we can be ever more responsive to your needs and position you for success throughout your career. Thanks for your help and I’m looking forward to a great year ahead. 

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