Joint Audit Committee

Conducts an annual audit of the Academy's financial operations and submits any recommendations concerning the financial operations to the Board of Directors.

Chair: George K. York III, MD, FAAN

Staff Liaison: Timothy J. Engel

Job Description


  • Select the audit firm to conduct an independent audit of the organization's financial statements.
  • Review and approve the audit scope.
  • Review and approve any proposed involvement of the audit firm in activities other than the annual audit.
  • Consider and review, with management and the auditors, the adequacy of the organization's risk management methodology and internal controls, including computerized information system controls and security.
  • Review and address the management letter and auditor's comments.
  • Review any serious difficulties or disputes with management encountered during the course of the audits.
  • Review IRS Form 990 and related disclosures.
  • Review other matters related to the conduct of the audits that are to be communicated to the Committee under generally accepted auditing standards.
  • Make recommendations to the Board based on the Committee's review activities.

Estimated Time Commitment
One daylong in‐person meeting once a year typically taking place in either April or May and potentially one to three conference calls.

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