Board Planning Committee

Recommends changes to AAN mission-metrics and AAN organizational structure by reviewing and reporting on internal and external information which could impact members or the AAN.

Chair: Carlayne E. Jackson, MD, FAAN

Job Description

The Board Planning Committee is charged with assisting the Board of Directors with strategic planning efforts by developing and maintaining an ongoing data-driven strategic planning process.  


  • Attend face-to-face meetings at the Annual Meeting.
  • Participate in monthly conference calls.
  • Ensure AAN metrics are aligned with the AAN mission.
  • Monitor and report on progress of internal metrics and external environment.
  • Ensure AAN is structured to accomplish its mission.

AAN officers are members of this committee and the Chair is appointed at the discretion of the President.

Meeting Schedule
The Committee generally meets face-to-face prior to each Board meeting and has hour-long monthly conference calls.

Estimated Time Commitment
Twelve hours per year plus meetings.

Committee Breakdown

  1. Chair
  2. President
  3. Vice President
  4. President-Elect
  5. Past President
  6. Treasurer
  7. Secretary


The following subcommittee reports to the Board Planning Committee. Select the subcommittee to view more details.

Member Research Subcommittee

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