Ethics, Law and Humanities Committee

Serves as a joint committee of the AAN, ANA, and CNS. Monitors and evaluates evolving ethics, legal, and humanities issues and submits policy recommendations concerning those issues to the Board of Directors.

Chairs: James A. Russell, DO, FAAN, and Leon G. Epstein, MD, FAAN

Staff Liaison: Sarah M. B. Nelson, Associate Counsel

Job Description


  • The Committee Chair and Vice Chair work directly with the Committee staff liaison and
    participate in bimonthly half‐hour conference calls. Members may be asked to join
    some of these calls, depending on the agenda topics.
  • Committee members are expected to attend all of the tri‐annual ELHC meetings as a
    matter of course. Expectations include familiarization with the subject matter to be
    discussed at these meetings and contemporary ethical issues in general, active and
    constructive contributions to these discussions, as well as contributions to other ELHC
    activities such as authorship and subcommittee participation.
  • ANA and CNS liaisons to the ELHC are expected to keep their organizations apprised of
    ELHC activities.

Committee members representing the AAN are appointed by the AAN President‐Elect and may
serve up to three two‐year terms. Committee members representing the ANA and CNS are
appointed by their respective associations and may serve up to three two‐year terms. The
Committee Chair is appointed by the AAN President (in consultation with the presidents of the
ANA and CNS).

Meeting Schedule
Members are expected to attend three meetings per year. The meetings are scheduled
as follows:

  • Winter (January or February)
  • AAN Annual Meeting (spring (typically April))
  • Fall (September or October) - Minneapolis

Winter and fall meetings usually require two travel days each.

Estimated Time Commitment
Three meetings per year, plus project‐specific work.

Committee Breakdown
The Ethics, Law, and Humanities Committee includes the following positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • At least 8 AAN representatives
  • At least one, but not more than four, ANA representatives
  • At least one, but not more than four, CNS representatives
  • NITCEE (Neurologist‐in‐Training Clinical Ethics Elective) representative (ex officio‐voting
    member, serves a one‐year term)

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