Joint Investment Committee

The American Academy of Neurology and American Brain Foundation Joint Investment Committee reviews investment policy monitors the performance on AAN’s long-term investments and recommends changes to the Board of Directors for approval.

Chair: Ralph F. Jozefowicz, MD, FAAN    

Staff Liaison: Timothy J. Engel 



  • The Investment Committee is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the AAN's formal written investment policy.
  • The Committee will select and oversee the performance of an outside investment consulting firm.
  • The Committee will analyze and diversify portfolio assets with regards to specific risk, rate of return, and asset allocation strategies. With the assistance of the investment consulting firm, the Committee will select investment managers to manage the portfolio.
  • The Committee will evaluate and monitor the investment portfolio's performance on a regular basis.


Estimated Time Commitment

  • Four conference calls yearly with the investment consultants (one hour each).
  • If needed; the committee would meet to discuss selection of the investment consulting firm or to meet with the investment consultant to discuss investment manager performance or to select a new investment manager(s).  This is a rare occurrence.