Journal Arbitration Committee


The Chair works directly with the staff liaison. For this reason, there may be additional time involvement, depending on the frequency and scope of disputes.

The AAN Bylaws require that committee members be selected when an Editor-in-Chief of Neurology is appointed or reappointed. The Committee includes five neurologists who are not members of the AAN Board of Directors, members of the Editorial Board, or chairs of a standing committee. The Nominating Committee must submit a list of 10 names to the Executive Committee and the Editor-in-Chief, who must jointly select five committee members and designate the Chair of the Committee. If the Executive Committee and the Editor-in-Chief cannot agree on five members from the initial list, the Nominating Committee must submit additional names until the Executive Committee and the Editor-in-Chief agree on five committee members. If a vacancy exists, the same process must be used for the appointment of a neurologist to complete the term. If the Committee is convened and is considering a dispute, the membership of that committee must not change, for the purposes of that dispute only, until that dispute is settled, even if the deliberation extends into the next term.

Meeting Schedule
As needed.

Estimated Time Commitment
One to two days if a dispute arises.

Committee Composition
The Journal Arbitration Committee consists of five voting members:

  • Chair
  • Four additional members