Medical Economics and Management Committee

Serves as the Academy's authority on the economics of clinical practice: coding, reimbursement, insurer relations, and health information technology.

Chair: Orly Avitzur, MD, MBA, FAAN

Staff Liaison: Amanda Becker, CAE, Senior Director, Policy and Practice Innovation


The Medical Economics and Management Committee (MEM) champions the quality practice of neurology by improving the economic and regulatory environment for members through education and advocacy.


  • Attend three in person MEM meetings per year, including one held in conjunction with the AAN Annual Meeting.
  • Participate in MEM email listserv discussions, provide feedback on timely issues, check and respond to email at least once per week.
  • Provide instruction to AAN members on emerging physician payment structures, practice management, office technology, regulatory issues, and/or correct coding for neurology at regional and national conferences.
  • Review regulatory issues and coordinate development of AAN comment letters to regulatory agencies. 
  • Contribute to continued improvement of the MEM process. This may include-but is not limited to-participation in Task Force meetings, conference calls, and outside research.
  • Liaison to other medical specialty societies and other organizations. This may include-but is not limited to-overseeing aspects of the collaboration, attending meetings of the collaborating group, and guiding projects through the AAN approval process.
  • Copy AAN staff on all committee-related correspondence.
  • Submit status reports to AAN staff prior to agenda deadline for each MEM meeting.
  • Fulfill one or more advocacy or coordination roles outside the usual committee work and meetings. 

Appointments are made by the AAN President.

Meeting Schedule
The MEM meets in person three times per year, including a meeting during the AAN Annual Meeting. Meetings are typically held in January, March/April (Annual Meeting), and August.

Estimated Time Commitment
8-10 hours per month: three in person meetings, phone conferences as needed, and email listserv communications.