Member Engagement Committee

The Member Engagement Committee provides strategic direction on overall membership policies, recruitment, and retention strategies, as well as advises the Academy on the optimal member experience as it relates to communications and digital strategies.

Chair: Gregory Cascino, MD, FAAN

Staff Liaison: Christi Kokaisel, MBA, CAE



  • Develops bylaws, policies, and membership structures for the Academy's membership program, including Medical Students, Junior members, Active members, Fellow members, Honorary members, Senior members, and Non-physician members.
  • Determines strategies for membership segmentation, recruitment, and retention.
  • Guides the Academy on communications, public relations, and marketing strategies impacting overall membership experience.
  • Serves as an advisory board on the Academy's overall digital strategy, including website redesigns, mobile web, native mobile application development, and social media.
  • Advises the Academy on solutions for creating a seamless digital member experience across all platforms and delivering the right digital content in the right context at the right time.
  • Assists in digital product evaluations and digital maturity modeling as needed.  

Meeting Schedule

  • Attend two meetings each year:
    • April meeting at the Annual Meeting 
    • Late July/August meeting at the AAN headquarters in Minneapolis 
  • Participate in conference calls and email votes on a quarterly basis or as relevant issues arise throughout the year.

Estimated Time Commitment
Two hours per month plus meetings.  

Committee Composition
The Member Engagement Committee is representative of AAN membership. It consists of 11 members and includes the following:

  • Chair from the Member Application Review Subcommittee to serve as a liaison for FAAN and Honorary member initiatives
  • Chair of Digital Strategy Subcommittee
  • Additional members are assigned at large

The following subcommittees report to the Member Engagement Committee. Select a subcommittee to view more details.