Emerging Leaders Forum

Thank you for your interest in the AAN Emerging Leaders Forum program. Application to the 2016 program is now closed. You are encouraged to apply for the 2017 program.  Applications will be accepted beginning mid-June, 2016.

If you applied for the 2016 class, nominees will be notified by mid-September.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Donna Honeyman, Manager, Board and Officer Relations at 612-928-6055 or



Sixteen AAN members were selected for the 2015 Emerging Leaders Forum.

Emerging LeadersMentors
Erika Fullwood Augustine, MDAnn Tilton, MD, FAAN
Stacey Clardy, MD, PhDJanice Massey, MD, FAAN
Prabhu Dayal Emmady, MDNeil Busis, MD, FAAN
Amanda C. Guidon, MDCarlayne Jackson, MD, FAAN
Deborah Hall, MD, PhDJanis Miyasaki, MD, FAAN
Ihtsham Haq, MDCindy Comella, MD, FAAN
Lyell K. Jones, MDTerry Cascino, MD, FAAN
Adam Kelly, MDJohn Morris, MD, FAAN
Shannon M. Kilgore, MDRobert C. Griggs, MD, FAAN
Mia T. Minen, MDLisa DeAngelis, MD, FAAN
Augusto A. Miravalle, MDAaron Miller, MD, FAAN
Tamara M. Pringsheim, MDAllison Brashear, MD, FAAN
Alexander PantelyatBob Gross, MD, FAAN
Kevin N. Sheth, MDRalph Sacco, MD, FAAN
Parthasarathy Thirumala, MDJim Stevens, MD, FAAN
David B. Watson, MDRalph Jozefowicz, MD, FAAN

I have found the ELF program to be very rewarding... any neurologist looking for a professional development opportunity should consider applying.

~ Lyell Jones, MD

Participation in the ELF program has been an incredibly valuable and rewarding experience. In addition to getting to work with much of the current and future leadership of the AAN, I've learned so much about being a leader, working as a group toward a common goal, and appreciating the different talents people bring to the table. Anyone interested in AAN involvement, local leadership, or just growing professionally should strongly consider the ELF program.

~ David Watson, MD

Connecting with a mentor who was nationally recognized as a leader in our field who was engaging, available, and inspiring has been one of the hallmarks of the program!

~ Kevin Sheth, MD

The ways in which the ELF program has enriched my professional life are countless. I have most enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with AAN staff and leadership, as it has provided an in-depth look at how the AAN functions, and I now know immediately who to call when I have a question or concern. The friendships formed with my ELF classmates were also an unexpected benefit and have made the experience so fun."

~ Shannon Kilgore, MD


The 2015 Emerging Leaders Forum is supported in part by in-kind grants from:



Past participants of the Emerging Leaders Forum have formed an alumni group, with four main responsibilities:

  1. Maintain involvement with previous Emerging Leader Forum graduates
  2. Involvement with future classes
  3. Continued involvement with the AAN, specifically with the board and other leadership / committees
  4. Creation and continuation of a recognition award for outstanding leadership by an ELF alumnus

The Emerging Leaders Alumni Group is currently led by Allison L. Weathers, MD; Wendy Galpern, MD; Jennifer Molano, MD; James Noble, MD; Yolanda Holler, MD; and Mill Etienne, MD.

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