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Executive Staff

The Executive Staff implements strategic goals set by the Board of Directors of the AAN and AAN Institute.

Leadership Update

Read monthly updates from Catherine M. Rydell, CAE, Executive Director/CEO of the AAN, AANI, and American Brain Foundation.

Meet the AAN Executive Staff by department.

Executive and Legal Administration

Directs staff and daily operations, strategic planning facilitation, and implementation:

Catherine M. Rydell, CAE, Executive Director/CEO-AAN and American Brain Foundation

Lisa Larson, Executive Assistant

Donna Honeyman, Manager, Board and Officer Relations

Bruce Levi, JD,  Deputy Executive Director, AAN, and General Counsel, AAN, AANI

Karen Kasmirski, Executive Assistant

Finance and Operations
Oversees finance, human resources, information services, facilities management, and meeting services departments:

Timothy Engel, Chief Financial Officer

Cora Jansma, Administrative Assistant
Center for Health Policy
Promotes advocacy initiatives and develops tools to benefit the practice of neurology and improve the lives of patients:

Rod Larson, Chief Health Policy Officer

Grant Niver, Executive Assistant
Center for Education, Science and Conferences

Develops innovative programs designed to enhance and improve the treatment of patients:

Christine E. Phelps, Deputy Executive Director, AAN/American Brain Foundation

Wendy Vokaty, Executive Assistant

Membership, Communications, and Technology

Identifies and supports the needs of members and potential members and oversees the member experience, develops all communications for members, patients, and the public, and provides technology solutions and support.

Jason Kopinski, Chief Membership, Communications & Technology Officer

Lynee Koester, Project Manager/Executive Assistant

Publishing and Business Development

Oversees Academy publishing efforts and new business development initiatives.

Chris Becker, Chief Publications and Business Development Officer

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