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About Industry Roundtable

The Industry Roundtable (IRT) provides a forum for the American Academy of Neurology and industry representatives to share ideas and resources with the neurology communities. The goal of the Industry Roundtable is to foster positive engagement and ensure effective communication as industry and the AAN collaborate on shared opportunities to support neurology and serve patients with neurologic disease.

The American Academy of Neurology has long recognized the value of partnering with industry on projects of common interest. Since 1994, the Industry Roundtable has partnered with the AAN to share vision, intellect, and financial resources with the focus on improving the quality of patient care. When you collaborate with the AAN, industry makes connections, gain knowledge and insight, and get recognized.

"It is my pleasure to serve as the physician liaison between AAN leadership and industry, particularly with the Industry Roundtable (IRT). Being successful in any endeavor is all about exchanging great ideas, developing relationships built on transparency and trust, and then innovating and working together to achieve mutual goals. Indeed, the IRT has been and continues to be focused on this very kind of relationship. In light of continued scarcity in funding over the past few years, relationships like the IRT are essential to providing the highest level of education and cutting-edge science that is critical to advancing the highest quality patient-centered care. The AAN is a vibrant and strong organization with which to focus your activities and resources. I invite you to learn more about the AAN and the IRT, and I look forward to working together."

Jonathan P. Hosey, MD, FAAN
AAN Industry Physician Liaison

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