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Organizational Disclosures

Below is a breakdown of industry contribution towards the consolidated revenue of the Academy (American Academy of Neurology and American Academy of Neurology Institute). Industry includes for-profit entities that develop, produce, market, or distribute drugs, devices, services, or therapies used to diagnose, treat, monitor, manage, and alleviate health conditions (e.g., pharmaceutical and medical device/software manufacturers and other for-profit health services/product providers). Industry does not include non-profit entities, entities outside of the health care sector, or entities through which physicians provide clinical services directly to patients (e.g., hospitals, medical centers, publishers, foundations, recruiters, insurance providers).


  • Total Industry Revenue: $8,279,862
  • Percentage of Total Academy Revenue: 17%
  • Educational Grants: $594,904
  • Sponsorship: $4,082,298
  • Exhibit Space: $2,516,550
  • Charitable Contributions: $0
  • Industry Roundtable Membership Dues : $770,000