EBM Online is an on-demand, interactive version of AAN's popular EBM Training Course. It is designed to teach the fundamentals of evidence-based medicine using neurologic examples and cases. The course consists of ten modules that are an average of 25 minutes each.

EBM Online is now available to neurology residency programs. In 2017, EBM will be available to all AAN members.

EBM Modules: 

  1. Asking Answerable Questions
  2. What a MeSH! Databases and Search Terms
  3. Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff
  4. Sources of Error in Research
  5. Measuring Effects Using the 2x2 Table
  6. The Story of Random Error: How to Interpret P-values and Confidence Intervals
  7. External Validity
  8. Harms and Benefits
  9. Evidence Synthesis
  10. Shared Decision Making: Incorporating Patient Values


Please email Hannah Planalp with any questions regarding EBM programs.

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