Priority Issues

AAN Priority Issues
Cognitive Reimbursement The AAN promotes the expertise of its members and advocates for appropriate reimbursement for cognitive specialties like neurology.
Reducing Regulatory Burdens The AAN supports reducing regulatory and administrative burden for physicians. 
Neuroscience Research Funding The AAN supports increased funding for the NIH and BRAIN Initiative to build on existing neuroscience research.
Telemedicine The AAN believes physicians should be reimbursed equitably for telemedicine services and have access to a streamlined state medical licensure process.
Drug Pricing and Access The AAN supports legislative solutions to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and increase access for patients, including transparency in pricing, negotiations for prices of Medicare drugs, reimportation of prescription drugs from Canada, and limits on direct-to-consumer advertising for medications.
Medical Liability Reform The AAN supports comprehensive medical liability reform that includes protections for neurologists to ensure health care access.
GME Financing The AAN supports continued adequate graduate medical education funding to meet future neurology workforce needs. 
Medical Marijuana Research The AAN supports changes to allow for federal research to evaluate the effectiveness of medicinal marijuana, including the rescheduling of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II. 
Scope of Practice The AAN values the physician-led health care team and the allied health professionals who provide vital care to neurology patients. 
Neuroimaging The AAN supports neurologists in the use of their full range of training and expertise in neuroimaging.
MACRA Implementation The AAN works closely with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to promote the effective implementation of MACRA, including ensuring its requirements are not overburdensome on AAN members. 
Opioid Issues The AAN supports continued research on effective treatments for chronic pain. Based on existing evidence, risks of continued opioid therapy for some chronic conditions like headache likely outweighs the benefits.
Concussion The AAN supports the highest standard of safety and education for athletes.