State Neurosocieties

Though not official chapters, the AAN is committed to developing mutually-beneficial collaborations with all state neurosocieties and state medical societies to ensure that neurologists and their patients' voices and concerns are represented in the legislative, regulatory, and payer arenas; and to serve as an additional avenue of communication on Academy tools, products, and services.

Don't see a neurosociety in your state? Contact the AAN at advocacy@aan.com.

 State Neurosocieties 
State Society Name Upcoming Meeting Current President
Alabama Alabama Academy of Neurology August 18, 2018  Amit Arora, MD
Arizona Arizona Neurological Society TBD  Kerry Knievel, DO
California California Neurology Society May 18-20, 2018  Erik Perkins, MD, FAAN
Colorado Colorado Society of Neurological Sciences TBD Peter Bergmann, MD
Florida Florida Society of Neurology TBD  Frank Conidi, DO
Georgia Georgia Neurological Society TBD Sudhir Athni, MD
Hawaii Hawaii Neurological Society TBD Michael Russo, MD
Illinois Illinois State Neurological Society September 15, 2018  Sarah Song, MD, MPH 
Indiana Indiana Neurological Society  May 11, 2018 Robert Flint, MD, PhD


Iowa Neurological Association  September 28-29, 2018  David Moore, MD
Kentucky Commonwealth Neurological Society  May 19, 2018  Michael Sowell, MD 
Massachusetts Massachusetts Neurologic Association TBD  Marcus Yountz, MD, FAAN
Minnesota Minnesota Society of Neurologic Sciences  TBD Michael Rosenbloom, MD, FAAN
New York New York State Neurological Society   TBD Andrew Goodman, MD, FAAN
North Carolina North Carolina Neurological Society February 15-17, 2019  Robert Frere, MD, FAAN  
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Neurological Society  TBD Anthony May, MD 
Rhode Island Rhode Island Neurological Society  June 6, 2018  Jacob Berger, MD 
South Carolina South Carolina Neurological Association TBD Souvik Sen, MD, MPH
Texas Texas Neurological Society  July 20-21, 2018  Erin Furr-Stimming, MD
Virginia Virginia Neurological Society  January 25-27, 2019   
Washington Washington State Neurological Society  October 19-21, 2018 David Vossler, MD, FAAN
Wisconsin Wisconsin Neurological Society  October 19-20, 2018 Doug Dullu, MD, MS 
Wyoming Wyoming Neurological Society   TBD Allen Gee, MD, PhD, FAAN