Axon Registry Enrollment

This valuable tool will enable neurology practices to identify and improve gaps in the quality of neurological care, demonstrate their value to payers, and compare their performance to neurologists nationwide. Learn more below about how to enroll your practice to get on the wait list.

Resources to review before enrollment: 

Technical Integration Methods

There are multiple ways for your practice to get data into the Axon Registry®. As a quick overview, the pull method is where the registry extracts the data from your server nightly via a connector. Whereas, the push method requires the practice to package up the data and send it via encrypted files to the registry. An alternate push option may be possible with some EHR cloud products; the EHR transfer option is where the EHR sends the data directly to the registry on behalf of the practice.


The AAN is now enrolling practices wanting to participate in the Axon Registry. Please note the information below before you enroll.

  • Any practice that begins technical integration after June 30 will not be eligible to submit for MIPS through the Axon Registry for the reporting year. This is to account for integration time to be fully prepared for a full submission. There will be other MIPS submission options made available to your practice if you enroll after June 30 of the reporting year. 
  • Enrolled practices will be on-boarded based on their number on the wait list.
  • An AAN member ID is necessary to complete enrollment.

Steps for Enrollment: 

1. To start the process, submit your practice information via the interest form below.

interest form

2. Once the interest form is completed, you will automatically receive an email with a link to the enrollment portal.

3. Your practice will be placed on the wait list once the enrollment portal is completed, the participation agreement is executed by our CEO, and you return to the enrollment portal to hit the "Submit Sign-up" button.

The EHR system that your practice utilizes will have an impact on the integration process with the Axon Registry. 

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Large Institution Information

Large institutions often have many steps and specific questions about joining the Axon Registry. Read through our Large Institution FAQs for more information about integration with EPIC and resources. For more information about data requirements please share our CDR summary document with your IT department. If you would like to speak more with the AAN about the process, please reach out to AAN registry staff at to set up a call. 

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