Axon Quality Measures

Below is the list of quality measures in the Axon Registry®. They are listed in alphabetical order by disease state. MIPS requires that participants submit data for at least six measures, including at least one outcome or, if unavailable, a high-priority measure. For more information about AAN measure creation please visit our Quality Measures webpage

Measure names are linked to the associated specificiations where you can find all of the measure details.

Measure Details 
Axon Number MIPS Number Disease State Measure Name CMS Designated Measure Type Eligible for MIPS Submission in 2018 via Axon
35 386 ALS ALS End of Life Care Process N/A
32 N/A Child Neurology Infantile Spasms Process N/A
33 N/A Child Neurology Co-Morbid Conditions TD and TS Process N/A
34 N/A Child Neurology Child Botox Process N/A
16A 318 Cross-Cutting Falls: Screening for Fall Risk High Priority Yes
16B 154 Cross-Cutting Falls: Risk Assessment High Priority Yes
16C 155 Cross-Cutting Falls: Plan of Care High Priority Yes
17 130 Cross-Cutting Documentation of Current Medications in the Medical Record High Priority Yes
18 47 Cross-Cutting Advanced Care Plan High Priority Yes
19 374 Cross-Cutting Closing the Referral Loop High Priority Yes
40 N/A Cross-Cutting PROMIS-29 Process N/A
08 N/A Dementia Staging of Dementia Process No
09 282 Dementia Functional Status Assessment Process Yes
10 N/A Dementia Screening for Depressive Symptoms Process No
30 288 Dementia Dementia Caregiver Education Process N/A
31 286 Dementia Dementia Safety Screening Process N/A
42 370 Depression PHQ9 Outcome/High Priority N/A
11 N/A DSP Prediabetes Screening Process/High Priority Yes
26 N/A DSP Screening for Unhealthy Alcohol Use with Counseling Process/High Priority Yes
01 N/A Epilepsy Seizure Frequency and Seizure Etiology (Paired Measures with 02) Process No
02 N/A Epilepsy Seizure Frequency and Seizure Etiology (Paired Measures with 01) Process No
03 N/A Epilepsy Screening for Psychiatric or Behavioral Health Process/ High Priority Yes
20 268 Epilepsy Counseling for Women of Childbearing Potential with Epilepsy Process Yes
41 N/A Epilepsy QOLIE-10 Process N/A
36 N/A Essential Tremor ET Annual Tremor Severity Process N/A
07 N/A Falls Neurology Specific Falls Process/ High Priority Yes
 13  N/A  Headache Medication Prescribed for Acute Migraine Attack  Process  Yes
 15  435 Headache  Quality of Life Assessment for Patients with Primary Headache Disorder  Outcome  Yes
 22  419  Headache Headache - Advanced Brain Imaging NOT Ordered  Process  Yes
 25  N/A  Headache Inappropriate Use of Medication for Headache Process/High Priority  Yes
23 N/A Multiple Sclerosis MS Counseling for Appropriate Exercise Process Yes
37 N/A Multiple Sclerosis MS Disability Scale Score Process N/A
38 N/A Ophthalmology Giant Cell Arteritis: Absence of Fellow Eye Involvement After Corticosteroid Treatment Outcome N/A
39 N/A Ophthalmology Ocular Myasthenia Gravis: Improvement of Ocular Deviation or Absence of Diplopia or Functional Improvement Outcome N/A
04 290 Parkinson's Psychiatric Symptoms Assessment for Patients with Parkinson's Disease Process Yes
05 N/A Parkinson's Querying About Sleep Disturbances Process No
06 N/A Parkinson's Querying About Symptoms of Autonomic Dysfunction Process Yes
27 291 Parkinson's PD Cognitive Impairment Process N/A
28 N/A Parkinson's  PD Fall Rate Outcome N/A
29 293 Parkinson's PD Rehab Options Process N/A
24 276 Sleep Assessment of Sleep Symptoms Process Yes