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Patient Handouts

Browse AAN resources designed to help patients understand their diagnosis and make treatment decisions with their doctor.

Shared Decision Making Tools

Shared decision making helps patients and their health care providers make decisions together. Health care decisions should consider the best evidence and the patient's health care goals.

AAN Guidelines

Guidelines are summaries of what we know about different tests and treatments for health problems. Guidelines are based on research and written in scientific language. They involve specific steps to develop, and include input from experts such as doctors, other health providers, and patients.

AAN Guideline Patient Summaries

Many of the AAN's evidence-based guidelines are available in summary format for patients and their caregivers and families. Browse all AAN Patient Summaries.

Comment Now

When developing new guidelines or quality measures or updating existing ones, the AAN asks for input from the public. Patients, caregivers, and family members are encouraged to comment. View and comment on guidelines and quality measures open for public comment.


The Choosing Wisely® campaign is designed to help consumers and physicians engage in conversations about the overuse of particular tests, procedures, and treatments, and to help patients make smart and effective care choices. Choosing Wisely promotes conversations between clinicians and patients by helping patients choose care that is supported by evidence and truly necessary. A number of neurology-related Choosing Wisely recommendations exist, including five developed by the AAN. The AAN worked with Consumer Reports to create patient oriented messages on carotid artery surgery and treating migraine headache which is also available in Spanish.


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