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Review and Comment on Draft Guideline Protocol for Use of Amyloid Imaging in the Diagnosis of Dementia

Comment Period Closes April 9.

This protocol for a new guideline in development by the AAN will review the evidence and provide recommendation statements regarding amyloid imaging for diagnosis of dementia due to Alzheimer's disease. Please note that the project protocol is a document that serves as an outline and planning document for the guideline in development; it is not the full guideline manuscript. 

 The AAN requests your comments on the following issues: 

  • Clarity and comprehensiveness of clinical questions  
  • Appropriateness of inclusion and exclusion criteria 
  • Comprehensiveness of the proposed literature review 
  • Comprehensiveness of the plan for addressing patient preferences

Review the draft guideline protocol

Submit your comments

Comment Period Closes April 9, 2017

This guideline protocol is made available at this time only for the purpose of obtaining comments from professionals and public stakeholders. Because this document is not in its final, publishable form, we ask that you maintain discretion by refraining from publishing, posting, disseminating, or otherwise releasing the contents of this document until further notice is received from the AAN.

Submit your comments on the website by midnight on April 9. If you have any questions, email Shannon Merillat or call (612) 928-6156. 

What is a Protocol?

A protocol is an outline, or road map, for developing the systematic review and clinical practice guideline. A protocol does not have a conclusion or recommendation statements. These will be developed after the authors find and analyze the studies or evidence. This evidence will then be included in the final systematic review and guideline.

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