Merit-based Incentive Payment System

MIPS ties Medicare payments to performance by consolidating three existing Medicare incentive programs and adding one new component. MIPS will provide physician payment penalties or bonuses beginning in 2019 based on 2017 performance data.

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Under MIPS, neurologists must be prepared to be measured on performance in: 

2017 MIPS Pie Chart
Who is eligible?
  • Eligible clinicians include physicians, NPs, PAs, clinical nurse specialists, and certified registered nurse anesthetists
  • Medicare Part B clinicians who bill more than $30,000 a year and provide care for more than 100 Medicare patients a year
  • Choose to report as an individual or a group
Who is excluded?
  • Clinicians who are in their first year of Medicare Part B participation
  • Clinicians who are qualifying participants in an advanced APM
  • Clinicians who have a low volume of Medicare patients:
    • Medicare Part B allowed charges less than or equal to $30,000 a year or
    • See 100 or fewer Medicare Part B patients a year
  • CMS will inform clinicians who are excluded from MIPS
Pick Your Pace
  • To avoid a penalty in 2019, submit at least minimal data in 2017
  • CMS is offering clinicians 3 options for participation in 2017:
    • Test - submit some data, avoid a penalty
    • Partial year - report for 90-day period, may earn a small bonus
    • Full year - fully participate, may earn a modest bonus
  • Clinicians do not need to register or inform CMS as to which option they choose

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